NIGERIA: Not Forgotten: Children who have been separated from their parents show the world how they're surviving

LONDON: My friend Jon, the photographer.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Thousands of parents lose children to Malaria every year in Papua New Guinea, especially in areas which are almost impossible to reach. This 14 minute film reveals some the extraordinary challenges two charities face in trying to end the disease in the country. 

MYANMAR: A 12 minute film for AJ+ on the illegal wildlife trade in Myanmar, which has seen Tiger and Bears nearly wiped out across the country. 

MALAYSIA: In the Borneo jungle, local communities are blocking roads to stop a new dam being built, which will wipe out their traditional way of life.

LONDON: Hublot launches 'Beard Season' at Somerset House.

MYANMAR: George Orwell's inspiration for Burmese Days under threat.

JUBA: Sentenced to death, after a five minute trial.

KHAO LAK: How the Boxing day tsunami transformed one man's life.